In 2004 Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded.
In 2005 The first electromagnetic pump-driven wave soldering machine was launched at home.
In 2007 Our”VS hot-air reflowing soldering”and“NSM electromagnetic wave soldering” passed the identification of by the Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Association experts; meanwhile, those products were also named the 2007 "Guangdong Provincial Key New Products ."
In 2008 Our company "Electromagnetic wave soldering tin stove “and " hot-air circulation heating device ", these two patents won Gold Medal Honor in China International Patent Technology and Product Fair hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office, the Peoples Government of Liaoning Province , China CCPIT. Meanwhile the “electromagnetic wave soldering tin stove “ won patents of the EU and Mexico.
In 2009 a new generation of high-efficiency low-power high-end "SELEIT" series of selective soldering machine was successfully developed. The worlds first dual hot-air reflowing machine was successfully developed and put into production. Founded AOI division, began to develop visual detector products production; off- line JTA-300 was successfully listed.
In 2010 Solar cell production equipment – high-temperature welding furnace was put into the market and was identified as domestically and internationally the leading advanced level by the Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Association experts; launched high-end R series hot- air reflow soldering; launched AOI on-line product JTA-200, JTA-400.
In 2011 KT series omnipotent hot-air reflow soldering was successfully developed.
In 2012 Budget NK series wave soldering was launched; US series wave soldering with the latest wave soldering technology was successfully developed; on-line JTA-600 new vision inspection equipment, off-line JTA-500D achieve a major breakthrough in software and algorithms, and were grandly listed.
In 2013 SPI-600series 3D solder paste inspection SPI was launched. High-speed dispenser HS-1100 and rework station KID-R750 achieved mass production.