Manpower policy

Human resources are the core of all resources and talent is a valuable asset to the company, but also the fundamental driving force of companys continuous and rapid development.

Training system
We firmly believe that employee learning and training is the source of value-added business, so we spare no effort to create a variety of training and learning opportunities for the staff, and we promote a whole learning, lifelong learning. We’ll create a learning -oriented enterprise.
Our company builds various types of vocational sequence -round, multi -level curriculum framework, establishes curriculum system according to job competence requirements, implement “ladder " Training for each type of staff with the whole process of career development: new employees induction training, technical workers training, marketers and sales training, management and technical staff development training, etc.

C&B policy system
In the plant we built we set free dormitories, canteens, recreation rooms, reading rooms and other open areas. We adhere to the performance-oriented, hard-work allocation principle, constantly improve the pay and benefits system, improve the objectivity of allocation. In order to fully embody the incentive allocation, we establish an effective distribution mechanism on the basis of Performance assessment. On the basis of the company development, we continue to make employees enjoy the fruits of enterprise development, and provide employees with competitive pay levels.